A Totally Inadequate Guide to Adulting

For anyone as confused as I am about what it means to be an adult

Jason McBride


editorial illustration by Jason McBride

The following 21 haiku comics are for anyone who is entering the interstitial corridor between pre-adulting and post-adulting. You might be 18, you might be 58 — age doesn’t really matter here.

Looking back at my life, I’m confident that nobody should ever ask me for advice. So instead, I made a bunch of haiku comics that might contain some wisdom.

I’m confident you will find your own insights and make your own connections based on these scribblings. They will be here forever, as much as anything is really forever on the internet, for you to come back to you if you need a pep talk or a course correction.

All haiku comics by Jason McBride

each incredible feat
was quite impossible
until it wasn’t

daring cobalt sky
I can do anything, but
can’t do everything

want to be happy?
live the impossible life
make love your lodestar

the only way to
discover new places is
to leave your old one

life is heavy, kid
carry the weight of the world
just lift with your knees

happiness is not
an outcome or a status
it’s a process



Jason McBride

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