As soon as I read that earlier article I thought, I would love to see Shaunta’s reaction. I came to your profile and wasn’t disappointed! Great post. I have the same priorities as you do in terms of my writing being my business. My email list is everything. I would add that every time I buy a book, I see CTAs to buy other books by the same author. I think that this type of CTA is a service. It makes it easier for me to read stuff I like.

I see promos on paid media all the time. HBO invites viewers to see other shows that they produce.

I create things that are helpful to my audience. Part of serving them is creating things for them. The only way to get my audience the stuff I create for them is to build an email list. Having a CTA in your Medium article, like the way you use them and described in this article, isn’t sleazy. They don't break trust with the reader. They are a service to the reader.

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