We welcome writers to publish their articles in Blisticle. However, there are a few requirements:

  1. All articles must be lists or listicles (That’s the whole point of the publication)

2. All submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules and Ad-Free Policy

3. We only accept unpublished drafts

4. Your list or listicle cannot have been previously published on another site

5. All submissions must include a featured image with proper attribution

6. Once a story has been published in Blisticle, we expect it to remain there. If a story is removed, without prior notice, we reserve the right to discontinue our relationship immediately. If you want to remove the piece, just ask first. It’s your work. We just want to know why, but we aren’t trying to hold the work against your will

7. We will publish only one piece per writer per day

To be added as a Blisticle writer, please complete this form:

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