• Kris Hunt

    Kris Hunt

    🧠Work: Content Marketing | 🌈Research: Colour Psychology | Mission: Change the World for the Better 🍃 — Insta: @KrisHuntTravel

  • Ssentamu Daniel

    Ssentamu Daniel

  • Ajasa Ayomide

    Ajasa Ayomide

  • Alejandro Berumen

    Alejandro Berumen

    Former educator and lecturer. Also, a "wanna be" fiction writer and chronicler and pseudo intellectual. Life is family, music, books and films…in that order.

  • Richard Jude

    Richard Jude

    I have been a part time filmmaker, writer and care giver…I’m not sure which I have learned the most from, but I learn the most from kind people

  • Nicole Baptista

    Nicole Baptista

    Writer I Language Tutor. Interested in everything Health and Education related. Also baby goat obsessed. Www.nicolebeewriter.com

  • Pamela Golden

    Pamela Golden

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