I don’t know of any platforms that do that. The problem with copy and paste is that email requires a different format than blog posts. While it depends on your audience, a block of text longer than three lines will stop most readers in an email.

You really want an email to have mostly one and two-line paragraphs because of people reading on mobile phones and because of the expectations of what an email should look like. you would need to reformat the post for an email.

For my email list, I tend to write bigger blocks of text, but my audience is mostly writers, designers, and marketers.

When I create newsletters for clients, I tend to write several 100 to 200-word summaries with one and two-line paragraphs, and no more than one three-line paragraph in a summary. At the end of the summary is a link to a story I have curated for the client’s audience. I will also post a short 200–300-word message from the client as part of the newsletter at the top or bottom.

For some clients, I write one 2,000-word long article, but again I chunk it up so readers can scan it and not feel overwhelmed.

The key is to test and see what the audience responds to and then do a lot more of that.

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