I think every freelancer, solopreneur, and small business owner should have their own website. As to whether you should blog or stick with Medium, I'm happy to share what I'm doing. I do not blog on my freelance website. I get my clients through word-of-mouth, cold emails, Fiverr (I'm a Fiverr Pro, I'm not super active on the platform but I have a few high price services that people buy without me having to do anything), and Medium.

I originally started the Escape Motivation publication on here because I wanted to organize my copywriting and freelancing articles in one place. It has gained momentum and I have discovered I enjoy helping people who want to make money online, but who aren't into hustle culture.

It is much easier to build an audience on Medium than it is on a blog. But, of course you have no way to contact your audience unless you have a way to get them on an email list.

I have only recently decided to turn Escape Motivation into a business of its own. My "thing" for Escape Motivation isn't a blog. It's a weekly curated newsletter. (This Sunday I will be releasing issue #2). I have built my list almost entirely from Medium. I don't even offer any bribes. A small percentage have joined from my website. I have no idea how they found the Escape Motivation website unless it was through Medium because I haven't even built the site out all the way yet.

I will be creating some skyscraper posts for the website for organic SEO and so I can run ads on social media to them. I may even blog infrequently. (I kind of like the idea of writing posts about my Medium journey on the blog because I don't write about Medium on medium).

I have some idea of how I will monetize the newsletter, but it is still evolving. My biggest goal is to be as useful as possible.

I will say that this Medium article has generated much more income from a few clients who have read it since it was published a few days ago than it will likely ever earn from Medium. It has also doubled the size of my email list.

I have never had that kind of results from straight froward blog posts.

Later this year I am going to work harder at repurposing existing content into ebooks, social media posts, videos, and audio snippets. The fact that I can look at Medium articles to see what has resonated makes it a much easier task.

I apologize if this is too long or detailed. I realize I haven't directly answered your question. I don't know your exact situation. I love content marketing. I see so many of my clients getting much better results with email marketing or with a combination of paid ads and syndicated content. If I was starting out. I would get a website and then work on using Medium to market test content and begin to build an audience. However, be careful curators can be picky about links to email lists. I try to keep my CTAs to one line and without a lot of sales language.

P.S. I LOVE Total Anarchy! I love that it's fortnightly and the content has been a big influence on me.

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