What Will You Do Today to Bring Yourself Closer to Your Dreams?

Planning is only a pacifier — it simulates the real thing while delivering none of the nutrition

You have dreams — big dreams. You have stories to tell, pictures to take, places to visit, and people to meet. What are you going to do today to bring yourself closer to those dreams?

Don’t say you’re going to make plans

I’m not saying that planning isn’t important, but how much planning do you need to do? Planning is just a way to make yourself feel like you’re making progress without having to risk anything.

Planning is like the pacifier you give to a cranky baby — it simulates the sensation of breast or bottle, but it doesn’t deliver any of the nutrition.

If you have dreams, you’ve already spent time planning and scheming. It’s time to take some action. You can figure out your next steps once you start your journey.

Making your dreams come true

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60; the rules for making your dreams come true are the same. You have to work. Wishing and hoping won’t get you out of the tower you’re trapped in. Magic does exist, but it has peculiar sensibilities.

The magic of making dreams come true requires skill and discipline. Magic is wary of the unworthy, and it always comes with a price.

You have to sacrifice something for the magic. It isn’t a passive power, but an accessory to action.

No one will discover you until you’ve done something worth discovering

We all like to imagine getting an email from an agent or some other gatekeeper telling us they love our work and they are going to help us get what we want.

But, that’s just self-indulgent day-dreaming. If all of your work is on your hard drive, if your photos are only displayed in your apartment, how is anyone going to discover you?

If you only think about your dreams, you will never be discovered because you haven’t done anything worth discovering. Waiting to be discovered is passive. Dreaming is passive.

It’s time for you to do something.

There’s only one thing to do

There are dreams and there are DREAMS. I dream of cracking Jimmy Fallon up on The Tonight Show. But, that’s not my DREAM.

I’m 42, and I am maniacally focused on making a living from my creative writing. I already make a nice living as a copywriter, but I want more. I want to write things that make people feel potent emotions not just make them want to buy something. I want to help people escape, laugh, cry, and gasp.

The standard advice for writers chasing dreams is to write every day.

That’s not enough.

You also have to polish, publish, and pitch.

Once you have a certain skill set, writing every day is pointless unless you are putting your work out into the world. You have to give people a chance to find you.

I don’t write every day. But, I do try and publish every day.

That’s why I publish on Medium. That’s why I query publications. I need feedback on my work. I need strangers to see my work and to react to it.

Today the one thing I’m going to do to get me one step closer to my DREAM is to publish this piece. It might be a dud. It might be a hit.

I don’t know. I can’t know. I just have to put it out and let it go. Then I will move on to getting the next piece ready. Everything I publish gets me one step closer.

What are you going to today to get one step closer to your DREAM?

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